The new reality of Peace Arch DBC is our Tuesday and Wednesday game will be held on BBO for the foreseeable future. 

  WED–7 PM  on BBO

UPDATED:   14 Sep  2021


We are started back to face-to-face bridge at Elgin Hall on the 14 Sep.


NAP qualifier is 6 Jul.

Guidelines for recent issues with play. See below-GUIDELINES.

If you are going to play with someone that has not been at our club, you will have to advise me early so I can add them to our club pool.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7PM GAME—There is a solid core of players but could use a few more.  If you need a partner let me know.  You can also sign up with a robot cost is an extra 25 cents. 


Log into BBO and the game is listed in “Virtual Clubs”.  Click on Clubs North America.  Look for the game under HOST “VACB221192” and/or “Peace Arch open pairs 1:15 PM”

NOTE:  The game will not be visible until 2 hours before the game starts.

VACB221192 is my director’s name in BBO.  You can send me a message by CHAT in BBO.  I am on-line two hours before the game time … usually


Once you locate the game, click on it and there will be four tabs: Registration— Details— Entries—Partnership

Click on the registration tab.  Fill in your partner’s BBO name and click on “Invite”.   Your partner must be on-line also, as he/she has to accept the invitation.

Please register early.  Once you register, you can do other things. You can verify your registration by clicking on “Entries” tab.  Be back on-line in BBO at least ten minutes before the start of the game.

NOTE: At game time, the BBO software checks to see if all players are on-line. If it thinks you are not, it will cancel the entry for the pair.  Don’t be playing casual or solitary game.

Game details

The game is a match-point pairs’ tournament with 20/22 boards, timed for seven minutes per board.   Most of the features are preprogramed into the system by BBO and the director has no power to change them.

COST – $4.00 BB. 


The game has a partnership desk. Log on early and locate the tournament by host (VACB221192) and “Peach Arch open pairs 1:15 PM” Click on the partnership tab and add your name to the list. 

You can invite someone who is already listed or wait for someone to invite you.   You will always have the option to accept or deny the invitation.

If you have not found a partner before the game starts, remain on-line for a few minutes as I may be able to use you to fill up a table or a sit-out.   You will be my first choice to fill any empty spots in the game. 

If you attempt to register or put your name on the partnership desk and are rejected, contact me immediately — (VACB221192) in BBO or e-mail.  If you leave this to the last minute, I will have a tough time getting around to finding the problem and getting you in the game. 


How to contact the director?   Click on the blue box with three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand side of the screen.   The button to contact the director is there.  Give a brief explanation of why you are calling.  I will come to your table ASAP.     

There are no undo’s.  Be careful with your mouse.

Chatting at the table should be very limited.  Remember you only have seven minutes per board.

After the hand is finished, please feel free to make contact with the other players.  We do encourage people to remember Bridge is a social event and a comment or even an emoji goes a long way.

ALERTS?  The normal alerts are expected, but it is “self-alerting”. Before you make a bid that needs to be alerted, click the “Alert” button in the bidding box and fill in the explanation. Then make your bid.  The explanation is visible to the opposition, but not to your partner.  

If you want to know what a bid means, click on the bid and the person who made it will fill in a full explanation.  Again, you only have a limited time to complete the board.

This brings me to a very sore point with me, CONVENTION CARD.  It is a requirement to have a completed card posted.  This helps tremendously when the opponents want to know what your carding is, general approach, and other items. It will save a lot of time instead of them asking and you replying in CHAT.

Use of Chat.  DO NOT USE CHAT for alerts.  This can cause unauthorized information to be passed to other players at the table.  Then the Director has to get involved.  If you have mis-clicked your bid, don’t try to fix it by making a comment in Chat.  This usually leads to an adjusted board.

In order to play in the game, players are required to complete the two following steps.

  • Link your ACBL number to your BBO account.    From BBO home page, go to “Featured Areas “ then “ACBL World”.  There is a button  “Update your ACBL number” and follow the link to fill in the correct number.

The reason for this is to put you in the right stratification and to be awarded Master Points.

  • Set up a BBO dollar account to pay for the games.    From the home page of BBO, click on the “BB$” button at the upper right.

Make sure you do this in advance of the game as there is sometimes a delay in crediting your account.

 It is best to purchase BBO dollars from a computer and a web browser version of BBO.  There have been reports of being charged an extra fee if you use your phone or tablet.

Remember BB$ are equal to the US dollar.



Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account.


Playing on BBO is on the honor system, but they are also aware of the unique issue that it presents.  BBO has software that monitors all activity and will alert the directors of any anomalies.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact me ASAP.  If you are new to BBO or changed your name, I will have to manually add you to the “pool” list so you can join the game. 

If you are unsure about anything, again, contact me.

 It is easier for me to correct something a couple days ahead of time than two minutes before game time.