Our Club

The Peace Arch Duplicate Bridge Club came into being in September 2008 when a group of local bridge players took over a privately held club in White Rock.

It is run as a non-profit enterprise with the aim of providing a friendly, yet competitive duplicate game under ACBL sanction.

Being one of only two ACBL sanctioned day games in the South Surrey/White Rock area at the time, we celebrated our first anniversary on the 1st Sept 2009 with a tremendously successful game of 24 tables.


Presently our Tuesday games frequently have over 20 tables each week, as we draw on a database of over 200 regular players. The players come from different areas of the lower mainland as well as from Bellingham WA.

Everyone enjoys our friendly atmosphere; and because our games are stratified, players of all abilities feel that they have a good chance of earning masterpoints within their Stratum. In fact each year, in the masterpoint races for Unit 430, we have many of our players ranking in the Mini Mckenney as well as the Ace of Clubs within their MP categories. (see below under “Our Players” for current list)

Now entering our eleventh year of operations, we hope to maintain our success by keeping to our philosophy of providing a well run friendly yet competitive game to players of all abilities. Our club strives to provide those features expected of an up-to-date ACBL club: ON LINE POSTING of game scores on BRIDGERESULTS.NET as well as ACBL LIVE, HAND RECORDS from generated deals and WIRELESS SCORING using Bridgemate IIs. We hold many SPECIAL GAMES throughout the bridge calendar year including the multi-district WESTERN STAC as well as the two very popular SWISS TEAM events .

Since the beginning of 2015, we have been at ELGIN Hall, located at 14250 Crescent Road, Surrey. And since December 2015, we have run the Wednesday evening game (formerly called the White Rock DBC) at Cranley Place. We are most grateful for our many supporters for sustaining both our games.



Our Group

KATHY ADACHI is the President of the club. She works tirelessly as the Partnerships Chair. She brings a wealth of knowledge and kudos in bridge through years of high level play and having run several bridge clubs previously both in BC and Ontario.


JOHN LIEN, as Vice President and Director, loved to apply his organizational skills and management ideas while he was the manager of the club for the first ten years. He believes that emphasis on “customer satisfaction”, together with a proactive approach to club management, are the fundamental values we need to adhere to.


JACK JOHNSON has since the beginning of 2019 taken over as Club Manager and co-directs with John. He brings young blood, ideas and energy to our group. He finds that since his retirement from the RCMP he is busier than ever. We are so lucky to have him on our team, particularly since he is really popular with the players and will be an able replacement to John in the running of this club.


NICK PARKER acts as Treasurer for the club. He brings many years of bridge experience to the executive. Since his retirement, bridge, golf and gardening are major competing interests in his life. We are lucky that he helps us manage the bottom line in a prudent and organized fashion.


PAUL O’BRIEN We welcome our latest prestigious addition to our executive. Paul resides in Bellingham, WA having moved from Victoria in 2016. He has a ton of experience running bridge clubs: having had two in Portland, OR and currently the Bellingham Aces in Bellingham. Paul was born in Taft, California and attended the University of California. He is an ACBL Tournament Director. He spent the majority of his working life in the restaurant industry. He and his wife, Ouida, have traveled extensively, playing bridge in far flung European countries including France, Italy, Croatia, the Isle of Guernsey. His experience and knowledge is invaluable to us. He also helps out directing at our Tuesday game in the absence of John or Jack when his ACBL commitments permit.



Our Players

Many of our regular players are named among the top 10 within their respective masterpoint categories in our Unit 430’s Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Races. You can view the current lists by clicking the links below..


We would be pleased to help you find a partner for a game at our club especially if you are new to our area. Please feel free to call Kathy Adachi at 604-536-6207. It would be helpful to allow a day or so for us to find you someone suitable. .

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